UPS Systems

Flywheel or Kinetic Module

100kVA - 2.5MVA per unit

Redundant Diesel Starting

Lower TCO

Hitzinger dynamic UPS systems provide extremely high availability and total reliability in the event of mains failure and high efficiency during stand-by operation. The reliability and efficiency of Hitzinger UPS systems stems from the use of quality components and a design philosophy of keeping the system component count to a minimum.

This same philosophy can be applied to protecting any critical processes in commercial and industrial environments, In many cases a Hitzinger dynamic UPS is an ideal choice for a truly optimal solutions.

Solutions based on Hitzinger dynamic UPS systems offer numerous technical, economic and environmental benefits which are unmatched by alternative solutions.

Key Benefits


  • More choice in power capacity – solutions extending to several the MVA. Paralleling units is only restricted by practical limitations.
  • More choice in voltage distribution – solutions up to 11kV without step-up transformers
  • Topologies supported include common bus paralleling, N+1, 2N etc
  • Dual Output models for supporting essential and non-essential loads.

Power Quality:

  • Pure sinusoidal output
  • Filtering and Isolation of Mains 
  • High Overload capacity
  • Power Factor correction
  • Unlimited Crest Factor
  • Hitzinger design and manufacture their own alternators which are tailored to achieve superior performance in this application


  • Redundant starting of diesel engine using Kinetic energy
  • A UPS solution with fewer potential points of failure – No batteries No inverters No ATS systems
  • Completely Brushless design.
  • MTBF  > 1,000,000 Hrs       
  • Hitzinger design and manufacture their own alternators which are tailored to achieve superior performance in this application.


  • Extremely Low annual maintenance required
  • Most maintenance is possible whilst in service


  • Reduced energy consumption
  • No batteries to discard
  • No air conditioning requirements


Comparisons show that Hitzinger dynamic UPS solutions can offer a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) than other UPS solutions because of savings in the following areas:
  • Less wasted energy
Hitzinger UPS systems typical achieve higher efficiencies than most other UPS solutions, up to 96%, and do so over a broader range of loadings where other systems may drop in efficiency quite considerably.
Further more Hitzinger UPS systems do not contribute to a facility’s general heat input which must be removed by HVAC system and so contributing considerably to running costs.
Hitzinger UPS systems do not require any special ventilation. They rely only on natural air flow which is another considerable cost saving.
Hitzinger UPS systems inherently offer power factor correction to keep plants and facilities operating at very close to unity PF.
  • Lower Space Requirements
Hitzinger UPS systems remove the need for special battery or inverter rooms and their associated HVAC and Ventilation requirements.
Hitzinger UPS systems only require natural ventilation and will happily reside in standard Genset rooms or can be housed in standard ISO containers with options for acoustic and EMI shielding.
  • Less Maintenance   
  • Complete brushless design.
  • Extremely low annual maintenance requirements
  • Most maintenance is possible during operation.
  • All components easy to access for maintenance ease
  • Battery and Power Electronics Free
Hitzinger UPS systems do not use batteries or power electronics on the power circuit. Disposal of hazardous lead acid batteries is not an issue.
The kinetic storage system, be it a fly wheel or a Kinetic module, and the brushless synchronous alternator do no degrade over time.
They also offer more dynamic overload response, fault clearing capabilities and are far more tolerant than power electronics to incoming voltage spikes caused, for example, by lightning strikes.

Products Options

Two Models:

  • System NBDD: DDUPS with Flywheel for  frequency accuracy < 5 %
  • System NBDK: DDUPS with Kinetic Energy Storage Module for frequency accuracy < 1 %

Dual output options:    

  • Output A used for critical UPS protected load
  • Output B used for non-critical loads typically restored some time after switching to generated power


  • 100kVA – 2.5MVA in a single unit. Paralleling units is only restricted by practical limitations.
  • Up to 11kV without step up/down transformers

More Information

Please contact us or refer to the Hitzinger web site for more information.